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Q. I can receive, but I can't send email.

A. If you are using our SMTP mail servers and you've recently started having problems with sending email.

First make sure that you have "My server requires authentication" checked off in your email program, (Outlook or Outlook Express, etc.)

To do this click on Tools, Accounts, then click on your email account to highlite it, then click on Properties. Now click the "Servers" tab, and at the bottom you will see a line that says "Outgoing Mail Server". Directly below that, make sure the box is checked that says: "My server requires authentication". Then click "OK" and you're done.

Or it could be due to some Internet service providers such as Shaw, Telus, etc, have been trying to crack down on spammers who use their systems to send spam with. Therefore they are starting to block port 25 (mail sending port) to third party email servers. ManyInternet service providers including Telus have been doing this for quite some time in many areas.
This problem is not unique to Capital Hoststing, but affects all Web Hosting companies.

There is a simple solutions to overcome this issue:

1. You can change your SMTP port 25 to SMPT port 587 in your email setup in Outlook Express or whichever email program you use. This will solve the issue immediately, as we run a second mail server on port 587.

I realize it is a bit of a nuisance, but it only has to done once and if it helps the service providers to combat spam, I don't have a problem with it.

If you host your website with us, but only use your Shaw or Telus for email, and you don't use our email servers, then you won't be affected..

If you're still having issues, please contact support.
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