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Q. How do I upload my website files?

A. Uploading your pages and graphics is very easy.

You can choose from many different FTP Clients many of which you can download free. A good one is WS-FTP or Filezilla. You can download Filezilla for free here. You can also use programs like Dreamweaver, etc.

In the Host Name/Address box, just enter (substitute "" with your actual domain name)

In the User ID and Password boxes, just enter your user id (login) and password that were assigned to you when your web hosting account was set up.

Whichever FTP progran you use make sure you upload your files into the /public_html folder on the server otherwise your website will not load on the web. You can also use the /www folder, which doesn't really exist, but it is a shortcut to the /public_html folder. Your main web page must be named index.htm, index.html, index.shtml, index.php, in order to automatically load when someone access your web address. There is a welcome page in this folder that is automatically created when your hosting account is set up, named index.html. You will probably have to delete this file before uploading your site.
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