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Q. What is an Email Alias?

A. If you would like more than one email address for your domain you can use Email Forwarding.

For example, if your email address is "", and you would also like to have and, you can set up joe and jbleau as aliases to

You do NOT need to set up an email account for each one.

You can set this up in your cpanel under "Email Management Tools" and click on the "E-mail Forwarders " icon.

It is pretty self explanatory once you are in the alias setup page.

You will not need to modify your Outlook or Outlook Express to receive mails at these address, as they are merely aliases to your actual email address and will be received in the same mailbox.

You can have as many torwarded email addresses as you want.

But if you would like to have more than one email address at your domain for more than one person so you can each have your own email address, you wouldn't use forwarding, you just set up another email account under "Add / Remove E-mail account(s)"

These are separate email acccounts and each one must be set up in your email software on your computer(s).

The number of mailboxes you can set up depends on your Hosting Plan.

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